Thursday 30 November 2023
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Carmen NIBIGIRA , EATP coordinator

EAC Tourism : One billion tourists & One Billion opportunities

  As the world was celebrating the World Tourism Day on Sunday, September 27th, 2015, Carmen NIBIGIRA, regional coordinator of the...

Jean Claude Nduwimana, the the mastermind behind santé priorite ©

Santé Priorité the website that is improving health care service in Burundi

  Imagine being able to send medicine for your sick child at home while you are at work. Or not having to spend the full day at the...

Yoya and SAT B , burundian music icons ©

Stardom Fashion and visibility, the positive diversity

  Your appearance talks much about you even before you start talking. It talks even more when you are a star. Being a star, you have...

Yannick MFURANZIMA , insurance broker/Africa Risk ©

Why do we need Insurance brokers ?

  If you have ever had a car accident, you know how long the process for compensation is. Most people still believe that you have to...

When are you supposed to run for your life? /Image illustration

When are you supposed to run for your life?

  I present to you my four friends each one with a different problem.  There is one simple solution to all of their problems: run for...

Long distance relationships guide / Image illustration

Long distance relationships guide

  Love happens when you least expect. Sometimes your heart falls for someone staying in a different continent. The internet has made...

Love and social media / image illustration

The power of social media in a love relationship today

  Most of people nowadays live their lives on social media. We keep track of friends and family online. We know their health, recent...