Why do we need Insurance brokers ?

Why do we need Insurance brokers ?
Yannick MFURANZIMA , insurance broker/Africa Risk © Akeza.net

Yannick MFURANZIMA , insurance broker/Africa Risk © Akeza.net


If you have ever had a car accident, you know how long the process for compensation is. Most people still believe that you have to keep going to the insurance company and listen to them explain all those numbers you can’t understand. Turns out there are brokers who can reduce the stress. So how do they really work? Yanick Mfuranzima is an experienced broker who has been working for Africa Risk since 2012. He offered to enlighten us on what they really do.


Akeza.net: What does insurance broker mean?


Yannick: An insurance broker negotiates insurance for compensation. We handle the whole process of compensation for you freely. He is the mediator between the insurance company and the client in distress. We negotiate for the client. We help the client to save time and negotiate on his behalf.”


Akeza.net: Do you think that people understand what you do?


Yannick: For them to understand what we do, they need to understand the benefits of insuring their belongings.  We have known a number of tragedies in Burundi where people have lost most of their stuff. People now understand the benefits of ensuring their belongings. We are creating more awareness and we are also helping people choose the assurance they need.


Akeza.net: How do you become a broker and what makes you stand out?


Yannick: Like in any other job, to be a successful broker who is known and recommended, you need to be proficient. You are supposed to be quick to respond in case of a disaster.


Akeza.net: In the next five or ten years where do you see yourself?


Yannick: We as Africa Risk are aiming to reach the east African community, we want to expand. We are currently building a university in Rwanda to make it easy for those who want to become brokers. The other university available is in Tunisia.


Interview by Ingrid Lynca

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