The power of social media in a love relationship today

The power of social media in a love  relationship today
Love and social media / image illustration

Love and social media / image illustration


Most of people nowadays live their lives on social media. We keep track of friends and family online. We know their health, recent activities and current location. But we also get to learn about their relationship status there too. Whom they are dating and how good their relationship is going. Even if most of the time social media life is far from the reality. Not showing your partner on social media might be the newest deal breaker.


What used to be presented to a partners friends and family has been replaced by the presentation on social media. In most of the cases people are considered to be on a serious relationship when they are comfortable enough to put it on social media. Some people even believe that they are not exclusive before their partner has at least used their picture on their whatsapp profile. Blame it on the distance between family and friends maybe.


People are different. Some people love to have a private life off of social media. But most of people don’t see it that way. It has become a belief that a person that can’t present their partner on social media has maybe more than one or maybe is not taking the relationship serious enough.  Bye bye privacy. But also we should not forget that one should take their time to see if the relationship is really worth presenting. Changing the person you present might lead to a backlash and we know how social media can be mean.


All the people who love privacy this is a wakeup call. This is the 21st century if you didn’t know. Either you give up on your privacy or you give up on your relationship. But you also don’t need to be called names on social media or have your distant relatives thinking you are a player, even before social media we only used to present after being sure they are there to stay.  Take your time before you show us how lucky you are.


Ingrid Lynca

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