About Akeza.net

Akeza.net has the vision and mission to narrate the story of Africa in a totally different way. AKEZA in ‘’Kirundi’’ refers to what is “beautiful, attractive, cute”.
We believe while the world and Africa are busy telling the story of what goes wrong with our continent , regions and countries , we should focus on the greatness of Africa and the best our communities have to offer.
African success stories to inspire young African all around the continent and its diaspora.
Akeza.net has started in Burundi in April 2011 with a French website. It was an initiative to propose a different view of Burundi known for its political instability and wars. We felt our country had more to offer. We decide to stick to positive news and info. Despite the words of discouragement, we kept going and this has eventually paid.
Now that our recipe is successful, with Burundi opening to the world with regional block such as East Africa, we’ve decided to open to the world and expand. That’s when our English website comes in.
The English version of our website is dedicated to telling stories of Africans who have to potential to inspire our fellow Africans for the prosperity, growth and development of Africa, starting with Burundi, East Africa and the rest of our continent.
This is the time for Africans to be confident, bold and take the lead.
Akeza.net, The Beauty of Africa