Friday 23 February 2024
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Category: Love&Relationships

Event: Free carwash at Buja café to support YBSP orphanage

On This December 5th, Thunders fellowship is organizing a car wash that will take place at buja café. The car wash event is supposed to...

When are you supposed to run for your life? /Image illustration

When are you supposed to run for your life?

  I present to you my four friends each one with a different problem.  There is one simple solution to all of their problems: run for...

Long distance relationships guide / Image illustration

Long distance relationships guide

  Love happens when you least expect. Sometimes your heart falls for someone staying in a different continent. The internet has made...

Love and social media / image illustration

The power of social media in a love relationship today

  Most of people nowadays live their lives on social media. We keep track of friends and family online. We know their health, recent...