Who are the most followed Burundian singers on social media?

Who are the most followed Burundian singers on social media?

Nowadays, three main social media namely Facebook, Instagram and YouTube come top of mind when determining the relevance of celebrities. Since celebrities are not only dominating the music charts and screens but also winning big on social media, it’s worth taking a look at Burundi’s most followed singers on the three social media mentioned above. Let’s see which Burundian celebrities in the music industry reign supreme on social media.


Starting with Instagram, Natacha NGENDABANKA known as Lanamba Labamba has 1,300,000 followers. This makes her the most followed Burundian singer on that platform. Mista Champagne comes second with 80,900 followers. Sat B completes the top 3 with his 74, 500 followers. The Boss of Bantu Bwoy, Big Fizzo takes the number 4 spot with 66,100 followers whilst Kidum Kibido shows up on the fifth position with 35,700 followers.


Double Jay of Bantu Bwoy ranks n°6 with 28,900 followers. Masterland of Master Music ranks 7th with 23,800 followers and rapper B-Face ranks 8th with 19,700 followers. The youngest singer comes on the 9th spot, namely Kirikou Akili of Bantu Bwoy with 13,000 followers. Closing the top 10 is former MA Production artist MB Data with 11,500 followers.


On YouTube, Sat-B comes in the first place. He has a total of 48,100 subscribers. Second is Kidum Kibido with 41,100 subscribers. Big Fizzo comes in the third position with 40,000 subscribers whilst Natacha Lanamba ranks 4th with 30,800 subscribers. The gospel singer, Dudu T. Niyukuri takes the fifth spot with 21,500 subscribers. MB Data enters at no6 with 20,000 followers, followed by young Kirikou Akili at no7 with 18,200 subscribers. Fellow label mate Double Jay follows at n° 8 with 17,600 subscribers. By the way, rapper B-Face has hidden the number of subscribers on his YouTube channel.


With Facebook pages, Kidum Kibido takes the leading position with 87,710 likes. Sat B takes second place with 82,195 likes whereas Natacha completes the Top3 with 66,186 likes. Big Fizzo comes in the fourth place with 53,364 likes. Label mate Double Jay follows on the 5th position with 35,689 likes, yet another label mate Kirikou Akili following at number 6 with 31,931 likes.Rapper B-Face ranks 7th with 32,893 likes followed by Masterland at no 8 with 27,225 likes. MB Data comes at no 9 with 25.000 followers, while Dudu Niyukuri closes the top 10 with 18,062 likes.


Based on the above statistics from Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, a handful Burundian singers align interesting figures on social media following.  One gospel artist systematically makes it to the top 10. One female musician makes it to the top 10.


In addition, no one artist tops all others on at least 2 of the 3 platforms taken into account.  For instance, Natacha is the first on Instagram, but she only ranks third on Facebook and fourth on YouTube. Sat-B has more subscribers than others on YouTube but both on Instragram and Facebook, he comes second. In the same line, Kidum has more likes on his Facebook page than others, but he is only the second on YouTube and the fourth on Instagram.


Finally, apart from Natacha who totals 1.3M on Instagram, no one else reaches 100. 000 followers on a social media platform, even when ranked first.


To be continued…


Melchisédeck BOSHIRWA

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