When are you supposed to run for your life?

When are you supposed to run for your life?
When are you supposed to run for your life? / Illustration image

When are you supposed to run for your life? / Illustration image


I present to you my four friends each one with a different problem.  There is one simple solution to all of their problems: run for your life. Not every time in life do you need to be brave; sometimes the solution is simple just run. Don’t look back and don’t think twice just run as fast as you can.


“So there is this guy. He is kind of handsome, my type of guy. He has been hitting on me. He is sweeter than his face. I kind of have something for him but the problem is he seems like a player. In fact am sure he is one. I keep saying that am not going to be one of his victims but am not ready to cut contact because I love his company.” Girl if you don’t run, you are definitely going to be his next victim.


“Or even worse you have a boyfriend and you feel like you would love to have a fling with another guy. Girl this is the situation where you run for your life.” Cut contact


Your girlfriend’s friend is showing extra attention. Are you still standing there? If I were you I would be at the other side of the world


I want to date this chick but she is my friend’s ex…  Do you know that wiz khalifa and amber rose are back together after all the insults?? Boy, love and hate are twins.


Your boss’ lady is trying to seduce you and actually, she is somehow succeeding.  Do not tell your boss, he will take you for a fool. Find a reason to walk away and save yourself. This is the best you can do. Don’t you remember the story pf Joseph and Potiphar’s wife in the Bible?


La femme de ton patron te fait les yeux doux. D’ailleurs elle insiste et tu as l’impression qu’un de ces quatre, tu vas commettre l’irréparable. Ne dis rien à ton patron, il te prendra pour un illuminé. Trouves un autre prétexte et sauve-toi. C’est le mieux que tu puisses faire. Tu te rappelles de Joseph et la femme de Putiphar dans la bible ?


The procedure is the same for every case. Delete their number on your phone to keep you from trying to contact them and please don’t memorize it. Once the number is deleted you won’t see them on watsapp thus keeping you from seeing their pictures. Run from any occasion that might mean the two of you spending time alone.


Ingrid Lynca






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