Thursday 30 November 2023
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Category: Health

Meet Dr Cynthia NDUWAYO, Dentist at Kira Hospital and founder of BuDental Mission

Doctor Cynthia NDUWAYO is a dental medicine graduate. She is currently working at Kira Hospital as a Dental surgeon. In an effort to...

blood pressure meter medical tool

How to avoid hypertension: breaking the family pattern

  Hypertension is a very frequent disease in our country. It is a family disease as you are more likely to suffer from hypertension if...

Daily use natural and local products to fight malaria ©

Daily use natural and local products to fight against malaria

It was during a sales exhibition held at Palais des Arts de Bujumbura from the  16th to the  17th November 2015 that ACECI (Consultative...

Didier Niyonizigiye the sick child

Alexis Butoyi is making a call for help for children in distress

“The Good Samaritans of Burundi” is the “Mother Theresa” of Burundi. They provide social and financial assistance...

Jean Claude Nduwimana, the the mastermind behind santé priorite ©

Santé Priorité the website that is improving health care service in Burundi

  Imagine being able to send medicine for your sick child at home while you are at work. Or not having to spend the full day at the...