Long distance relationships guide

Long distance relationships guide
Long distance relationships guide / Image illustration

Long distance relationships guide / Image illustration


Love happens when you least expect. Sometimes your heart falls for someone staying in a different continent. The internet has made these relationships easier to maintain. Few relationships survive the distance. One has to be careful while deciding to get engaged in areal distance relationship. You need know if it is worth it and how you can keep it going.  If you are in one or considering entering one, here are some tips.


How to know


You have to know the person first. Most of the relationships where two people meet on the internet and decide to be in a long distance are bound to fail.


With makeup and all the applications you might fall in love with a different person and find yourself having to pass time with another different person. Not only know the person physically but also spend a little time with them for you to get some memories to hold on to.


Have long term projects together. Aspire to reach to the same thing. Also involve your faith. Believing in someone greater than both of you that can make things right holds you together when things go wrong.


How to keep it


Be sure you have made the right choice that will keep you from looking elsewhere.


Talk about the person, let the people surrounding you understand that you are taken to avoid temptation. This will also bind you in a way


Communication is the most important thing. Make sure you talk about everything so you have the thought of being present in each other’s life.


All the best.


Ingrid Lynca

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