Sauti Sol discovers Burundi

Sauti Sol discovers Burundi

Today, our nation witnesses history. A monumental event takes place at Bujumbura’s Airport. This event is none other than the glorious arrival of the Afro-pop band “Sauti Sol” in Buja for the first time. Yes, the skies have smiled to us. On this bright day, Sauti Sol discovers the wonderful feel of Burundi.

At the airport the welcome is far from quiet; cameras flash, posters shine, traditional drums beat, everything seems meant to be perfect.

They are finally here – the “god figures” we have been waiting for.

A crowd of fans floods them with songs. The legends look happy; the four of them flash giant Kenyan smiles.

Today, Sauti Sol stands on this land. With them, they brought more than a voice; they brought the African pride packaged in their songs. And, as promised by Savara, one of them, “you’ll have a good show tomorrow”.

By Gentle Jess Shaka

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