What do babies think about?

What do babies think about?

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Babies do much more than sleep, eat, and cry. From the time when they are still in their mothers’ womb, babies are learning from their surroundings. It very often happens to moms to wonder what is happening in their babies’ heads.

Over the past years, Science has found that babies know more, learn more, and experience even more than adults. Here are some fascinating findings:

Your baby knows how your mind works

Studies found that babies are, by 7 months, able to understand what desires and goals people have. A scientist named Gopnik says, “When your baby sees you reach for an object, he gets that you want to grab it.”

Your baby knows when a new language is being spoken in the house

Research found that four months old babies can tell from visual cues when a different language is being spoken (based on the shape and rhythm of an adult’s mouth and facial contractions).

Your baby is reading your emotions

At Brigham Young University, researchers found that infants can pick up on mood swings. This says that a baby can, at every moment, notice when an adult is seized by an emotion. This is the reason why babies always tend to cry when they hear their parents in dispute.

Your baby knows when “it is not fair”

Another study on babies found that babies were sensitive to the violation of fairness, from an early age. This gets evident in the common case when a parent unequally distributes biscuits to two closely-related babies; one of the babies is eventually going to cry.

By Gentle Jess Shaka

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