Thursday 30 November 2023
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7 interesting things you (probably) do not know about Sauti Sol

7 interesting things you (probably) do not know about Sauti Sol

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We are a few hours from the first concert of Sauti Sol in Bujumbura. Sauti Sol made history as the first Kenyan artists to hold a successful countrywide tour. You know for sure the “Live and Die in Africa” tour. Here we bring you seven interesting things you (probably) don’t know about the best African bands.

  • The afro-pop band started out as an acapella group dubbed Voices in Light.


  • All the band members of Sauti Sol went to the same school (Upper Hill High School) where they sang in the same choir.


  • Chimano, the shortest of the band, can also play Saxophone.


  • Polycarp Otieno is an excellent guitarist. His love for guitar playing started early. What started his passion for guitar-playing are a bunch of free guitar lessons he used to attend at all Saints Cathedral.


  • Bien-Aimé Baraza, who happens to be Burundian by origin, operates like a genius when it comes to song-writing. In describing his writing method, he says, “I love to write songs. And women inspire me. My thought process equates songs to women; to an extent I call our songs my women. Lazizi is the hot girl at the bar. Zosi is the good sweet girl who goes to church. Mama Papa and Soma Kijana are the voices of my mother.”


  • Polycarp Otieno has a Burundian fiancé.


  • Sauti Sol has been inspired by musicians like Fali Ipupa, Kadja Nin, Fadhili Williams, Daudi Kabaka and Jason Mraz.


By Gentle Jess Shaka

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