SNHU/Kepler Program: A Golden Opportunity for Burundian

SNHU/Kepler Program: A Golden Opportunity for Burundian

Students Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) in partnership with Kepler program co-organized an event dedicated to an exchange of experiences between their graduates from Burundi and Burundian employers. The objective was to put them in contact to discuss employment opportunities within Burundian based companies while showing a passion for the development of the country from the grads. This meeting was held last Friday, April 5, at Safari Gate Hotel in Bujumbura.

A return to the homeland

Burundian students from SNHU/Kepler, university professors, directors of public and private companies, representatives of government institutions, presidents of associations, expatriates, Burundian diaspora, individuals, various media participated in the event.

Moreover, to liven up the evening, the Triune band accompanied the event. At the rhythm of good music, discussions are created around the tables, laughter is heard everywhere. A moment of networking and sharing experiences is part of the event. Burundian students from SNHU approach each table to get to know different opportunities available in the market.

They exchange their experiences. With a certain enthusiasm in expressing themselves, they share the knowledge acquired throughout their university course.

SNHU/Kepler, a boon for Burundian students

The SNHU/Kepler collaboration is a program launched in 2013 to give an opportunity to talented students from the East African region who cannot afford to pay their studies abroad but have the desire to pursue their studies.

This program offers students the opportunity to receive an accredited bachelor degree from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) based in the United States through a unique model of online and personal learning without moving. “We train them to be critical thinkers, good in time management and in the use of new technologies, but also in all the other professional skills required for a workplace. That is why we have organized this event to create a relationship between employers and recent graduates to discuss employment in Burundi “said Dr. Chrystina Russell, executive director of Southern New Hampshire University’s Global Education Movement (GEM) program.

Dr. Chrystina Russell, executive director of Southern New Hampshire University’s Global Education Movement (GEM) program ©

She said that even though SNHU’s headquarter is based in the United States, they are creating partnerships with programs from different countries. “We have partnerships in Rwanda, Kenya, Malawi, Lebanon, and South Africa. For Burundi, it is can be something that can be done in the future. Currently, we have more than 50 Burundian students, and I am happy to see this sharing of experiences. I can say that the event is a success,” she mentions.

Shared Experiences

Nathalie Niyonzima, managing director of Inkomoko – a partner company of the SNHU/Kepler program based in Rwanda – wanted to share her experience on the students’ skills admitted to her company. “We are pleased with this partnership because the students we receive for the internship within our company demonstrate incredible skills. At the end of the internship, we do not want them to leave »

To add on, “There are those we have already hired. I would like to appeal to Burundian employers to take an interest in these SNHU/Kepler students because they are really well equipped. Let’s see the world evolve, think about having new faces in your organizations.”

In the 2nd year at the faculty of Business Management / Department of Logistics and Operations at SNHU/Kepler program, Lys Roberta Sangwe is delighted with the acquired knowledge. She says, “Before I was too shy, I did not dare to speak.

However, thanks to this program, we have been taught how to communicate, whether speaking or writing. All my shyness has disappeared. Apart from that, we learned about new technologies, entrepreneurship, etc. We have seen a lot of materials and I remain confident that they will serve me in the job market. “Speaking about their visit to Burundi, Roberta said they came to meet Burundian employers to discuss with them. “We share experiences about our studies because our goal is to find a working environment where we can contribute to the development of our country. “It should be noted that today, more than 90% of young Kepler graduates receive a job in less than 6 months after graduation.



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