Tuesday 16 January 2018
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Fiston Abdul Razak: “I want to become the top scorer in my club”

Fiston Abdul Razak , INTAMBA and Mamelody Sundowns striker

Fiston Abdul Razak , INTAMBA and Mamelody Sundowns striker


Despite his good performance with the Burundian national selection, The Burundian international Fiston Abdul Razak is struggling to find his place with Mamelody Sundowns, his club in South Africa. He says he wants to take over and become the top scorer of his club.


In an article in the online journal soccerladuma, the 24-year-old player said he hopes to win. “I feel good. I scored in all matches of the national team. It’s a great experience. This will give me confidence, “he has said.


He added: “I am sure I can convert the performance I have with the national team in my club. I am sure I can play well. And I’m ready to seize the opportunity when it presents itself. ”


Fiston Abdul Razak says he feels at ease in his club Mamelody Sundowns. “My goal is to become the top scorer for Mamelody Sundowns. I know it will not be easy since there are good strikers, but I would enter in competition with them, “he said.


Fiston Abdul Razak is part of the list of 32 players shortlisted for confronting the DRC, under the preliminary rounds of the 2018 World Cup.



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