19 years old, cool woman and DJ, meet Landryne Uwimana a.k.a DJ Lala (2nd Part)

19 years old, cool woman and DJ, meet Landryne Uwimana a.k.a DJ Lala (2nd Part)

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“DJ Lala is a young woman with a passion for music who enjoys life to its fullest”, that’s how she describes herself in a sentence. Born Landryne Uwimana, DJ Lala was raised in Burundi until she moved to Sweden in 2004 with her mother. She currently lives in a city called Uppsala in Sweden with her mother and little sister.


Akeza.net: How were your beginnings in the field?

DJ Lala: How I got to see myself as a DJ was actually through my friends. Everywhere we went, every house party or events, I always ended up being placed in the corner where the speakers were. Well ,  it all kicked off was on my 18th birthday, when my friends bought me my first DJ mixer. I had no choice but to do it for my people. They saw the potential in me that I did not see then. I see it now and I am forever grateful.


Akeza.net: When was your first party as a DJ?

DJ Lala: My first party as a DJ was when a good friend of mine graduated. That day was very awakening and shocking at the same time. I remember coming home after that weekend, crying out of joy. The amount of love the people showered me with that night was overwhelming.

I think I was 15-16 years old at that time, which people still cannot believe. The crowd was filled with people between the age of 13-50 years old, and everyone was up on their feet for at least 4hours straight. The place was packed, full of good vibes and nobody left complaining. It was an unforgettable night. From that day on, my journey had begun.


Akeza.net: Any good or bad memories as a DJ?

DJ Lala: For me, good memories as a DJ are the smiles, the high fives and joyful shouts I get every time someone in the audience hears their favorite songs. Those kinds of moments are the great memories I always carry with me: Seeing people that enjoy music as much as I do.

So one time I remember playing at a party and a group of people (not so sober) came up to me, to greet me. It was a mess, since one of them stepped on one of the cables and the sound shut down in the middle of a song. The second issue was to find what cable it was that got disconnected so I can put it back together. It was stressful, but it taught me. Because people cannot help to approach and show me love and I can never say no to a hug.

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Dj Lala in Burundi.

Akeza.net: Which night holds the first place on the list of “best nights ever”?

DJ Lala: The best night so far was on a Swedish traditional celebration called “Valborg”. It is a yearly celebration, every last of April, to welcome the summer and also the birthday of the King of Sweden. I connected with a couple of my girlfriends and planned it out and had a full house that night. There was a lot of energy that we did not expect. Everything went smoothly; no troublemakers and people dance from 11pm until 8am the day after. I loved every moment of it.

Akeza.net: How would you define your mix?

DJ Lala: How I would describe my mix as simple and clean. I want the person that listens to the music to feel like they’re listening to their song. Not much change to it, so the listener feels comfortable. I want the playlist to go together so well, that it feels like you’re listening to one track only.

Akeza.net: Do you have that song whenever you play it, they can’t stay put?

DJ Lala: That would depend on which crowd we are talking about. If we have the older generations that could be: “Bwana nipe pesa” by Le six orchestra, “Ni danger” by Danny vumbi or “Premier Gaou” by Magic system. For the younger generations I would say: “Bruck off your back” by Konshens or “Work” by Rihanna or “Dance for me” by Mr.eazi. The younger generations have too many favorites. There are so many hits coming out all the time. It’s crazy!


Akeza.net: What is the most difficult thing in you work?

 DJ Lala: The most difficult task in my work is how I choose my songs. My mind always has its own playlist on repeat, constantly. Somehow you have to find your balance and not lose yourself in the waves. Which I had to find very quickly since everything kicked off very fast.  But I managed.


Akeza.net: Being a woman and a DJ has its pros and cons. What about you?

 DJ Lala: The bright side says that I have a lot of free time on my hands and not as much responsibilities, so I get time to have fun along the way. Then we have the other side that says that I am too young to be doing this kind of business, they will not take me seriously.


I usually say that there are no “bad memories” or “regrets” in life. Everything is a lesson and we never stop learning in life. This means that «mistakes» will always happen, but I will never regret them because they will always teach me something. Life gets a bit sweeter and easier that way.


Interview by Miranda Akim’

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