19 years old, cool woman and DJ, meet Landryne Uwimana a.k.a DJ Lala

19 years old, cool woman and DJ, meet Landryne Uwimana a.k.a DJ Lala

Dj Lala 

DJ Lala on the mix

“DJ Lala is a young woman with a passion for music who enjoys life to its fullest”, that’s how she describes herself in a sentence. Born Landryne Uwimana, DJ Lala was raised in Burundi until she moved to Sweden in 2004 with her mother. She currently lives in a city called Uppsala in Sweden with her mother and little sister.


Akeza.net: You were 7 years old when you left Burundi. Is there anything you do to keep the “Burundian  culture” in you?


DJ Lala: The few years that I was raised in Burundi, I got to experience music and dancing from a very young age. My whole family is full of joyful people and music has always been a part of our lives. I was surrounded by dancers and singers during my childhood.

I had many hobbies as a child (music, fashion, food, sports, and art). My nickname was and still is “Gashuhe”, since I could not be still and I always wanted to try everything (at the same time sometimes). I’ve always seen the possible in the impossible.

My mother was very cultural and was in multiply dancing groups and a few of her sisters and brothers sang in choirs. You could say that I was basically dancing and singing in my mother’s belly during her pregnancy. I ended up in the same dancing groups as my mother and choirs as my aunties and uncles in church.

Once me and my mother reached and settled in Sweden, I connected with more and more Burundians. We eventually started our own choir and traditional dance group during our first few years in Sweden. Cynthia Iteka, who is like a big sister to me, whom you all may recognize was in that very choir. Today, I and a couple of other young ladies in my age started a dance group called INGENZI to keep the culture alive, even though we are abroad.


Akeza.net: Is being a DJ your childhood dream?


DJ Lala: I never really saw myself as a DJ, ever. I was just a person that enjoyed music, loved sharing it, and witnessing how others experienced it. It is also very hard, as a kid, to even think that you could ever become a DJ, model or a musician. Those kinds of careers are nothing that most parents «allow» or wish us to end up having, which is very common, in my opinion. It took a great while until my mother could understand what it was all about and accepted it.

  Dj Lala (2)

DJ Lala sitting next to her mixer


Akeza.net: Which kind of music do you like?

DJ Lala: My all-time favorite genre is Afro beats. Nothing can take the love I have for those drums and beats that will not allow you to sit/stand still. I am a person full of energy; Afro beats and dancehall are the perfect music that allows me to release it comfortably. I can basically listen to everything; I have a very open mind for any type of music; except for rock/metal which my head cannot stand.


Akeza.net: Apart from dancing what else do you like in life?


DJ Lala: I love playing basketball. It has been my favorite sport of all time. I don’t follow the games on TV, so I cannot sit here and say that I have a favorite team or player like any other person would. I’m a fan of the game in general.

Other than that, I would personally say that my nr.1 “hobby” is FOOD. Indian, Thai, Chinese, Ethiopian. I love taking care of people, and I love babies/kids. That is how I came to a conclusion of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. My dream career is to become a mid-wife.

Taking care of women in that specific period of their lives and helping them bring life to this world, is a mighty power. It is a big responsibility, but one I would love to take.


Akeza.net: Any project for the future?


DJ Lala: I am definitely going to make more mixes in various genres. I also hope that the time will allow me to travel more. I usually post it on my social media (Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook) any upcoming events that I am apart of or that I will attend. Stay tuned!


To be continued…


Interview by Miranda Akim’

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