Friday 23 February 2024
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Burundian models abroad: Michael Thayer NKINDI, China

Burundian models abroad: Michael Thayer NKINDI, China
Michael R. Thayer NKINDI , a burundian model in China

Michael R. Thayer NKINDI , a burundian model in China Burundi is is showcasing burundian models evolving abroad. The fashion world is a small closed circle, not easily accessible to black models, especially when they come straight from Africa. Nevertheless, some Burundian models manage to make their way to the steps of the most popular stages.

Today, we’ve met Michael R. Thayer NKINDI. His story with fashion … took shape in China! When did you start modeling?

 Michael T. NKINDI: It all started when I went for my university education in China in 2009. I started with some jobs (including modeling) but there was still nothing serious until 2010. What goal did you have in mind when you got started in this field?


Michael T. NKINDI: At first, I really had no specific purpose other than that I loved the fact that I was productive and I did something that I really enjoyed. But afterwards, I developed a passion. What problems are you facing with  modeling?


Michael T. NKINDI: Problems, there are. The major problem is the fact that I’m black. And in China, they are not yet accustomed to black models. Also, my skin color and my hair, sometimes, is the cause of a lot of struggle for makeup artists, wrong makeup for my complexion or they do not quite know how to take care of my hair. So I am compelled to guide them in their own work. Would you like to make modeling a career?


Michael T. NKINDI: A career, why not? That is what I am trying to do now and find the right path in this. However, it is not easy because you have to consider many things, know how to deal with it , also say that I am currently working on other projects and it means I need some focus. What advice would you give to young Burundians who have the same passion as you?


Michael T. NKINDI: First I would like to encourage those with whom I share the passion of modeling. This is something I generally like to do; encourage people who have a vision, a talent, a dream … especially to young people who feel discouraged, keep trying. And particularly for modeling, there is so much to learn, more than people say, we will always need a helping hand, advice, … And personally, I would like to give my support to all those who want it . What are the major shows that you have attended?


Michael T. NKINDI: Among the most memorable, I would cite Hush Puppies, Pierre Cardin, BoyzNewYork, China Fashion Week shows (the most recognized designers are there) and Kappa.


Interview by Miranda AKIM ‘




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