The Craft Fair at Amahoro Café was a highly successful event

The Craft Fair at Amahoro Café was a highly successful event

Amahoro Café

Organized by the Embassy of the United States of America in collaboration with American Corner Kinindo and Amahoro Café, the Craft Fair was a very good opportunity for artisans living in Burundi to exhibit and sell their handmade products. We had the opportunity to talk about “Crafts” at Amahoro Café with Krysbel, Kaz’O ‘zah Art, Shamba Café, Café Igikere and others Craftsmen and women who were presenting and selling their beautiful products.


Krystal Bella SHABANI, CEO and Founder of Krysbel (a clothing and accessories brand) appreciate the initiative and request its renewal as soon as possible “It was very good. I think this is a great initiative to support artists and artisans of Burundi. It would be nice if such events could be organized several times a year to promote crafts in Burundi “.


Lionel Rugezo, Coordinator of the American Corner Kinindo explains: “We organized this event just to promote Burundian artisans and entrepreneurs in general. This event was supported by The American Embassy and the American Corner Kinindo and also we worked with Amahoro Café. The event was very successful because many people came to buy things. In future, we would like to organise many events of this kind to encourage Burundians who want to promote entrepreneurs to do so”

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In October, which is the month dedicated to entrepreneurship, American Corner has projects in mind for Burundian entrepreneurs “in all US areas will be organized many events such as contractors training” says Lionel Rugezo.


Monia, who attended the fair testify “I enjoyed it. It’s very warm and friendly. I I myself have bought a lot of things. ”


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